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Devil's Playground

Unlike most A Go-Gos in Patong, Devil's Playground has definitely invested a lot in its design. With a castle-like entrance and a room looking like a cave in hell, Devil's Playground is twice as big as usual A Go-Gos, featuring platforms and different levels with girls dancing in tiny skirts.

The girls are divided in two groups: devils with red flashing horns, and the angels with tiny white wings. The angels definitely look taller and cuter. Staff members are friendly and prices are as usual: 120 baht to 140 baht for the first drink. 

Ironically, the downside is the consequence of the design: the room is large and the stage is small thus it’s too far from the seated areas... If enough customers sit around the stage the view gets blocked so it’s probably best to sit around the stage right away!


Visiting Phuket? Make sure your next stop is the Devil's Playground.


Address :  Soi Seadragon, Patong Phuket,  Thailand  83000

Telephone :  0066 870 896 721