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Zouk & Velvet Underground

Zouk The flagship room will be split over two levels.

On the ground floor three lounges and a bar surround a central dancefloor space which faces a custom built DJ console and state of the art lighting desk and software. Upstairs you will find a members bar, a VIP room and a another bar. An LED wall and plasma screens controlled by will feature as the main visual element of this room. 

What is the main idea/concept behind this room? 
Zouk is going to be the centerpiece and still the main hub of the Zouk experience. An international standard clubbing experience with world class sound system, plasma screens and LED panels to paint and decorate the room. A central dance floor surrounded by plush seated areas and a brand new VIP area situated upstairs but overlooking the main action. 

How was the name derived and what is the significance? 
Zouk is the original name of the parent club in Singapore. Constantly known for the best nights featuring the greatest dance music acts in the world. It is a world standard for clubs.Zouk is going to remain faithful to the blueprint set by the original club bringing in world quality acts, featuring the best resident DJs on offer and offering an unparalleled level of clubbing experience. How does the decor/ID reflect the spirit of the room? 

LED and Plasma screens being used to create moods and effects. It is programmed by one of the world’s foremost lighting engineers from Paris; Sebastian Jurkowski. He has worked in some of the best clubs in Paris and for the last couple of years has been the lighting designer at the world renowned MIX club there. Intelligent lighting system will complement the visuals and sound system to create a complete and thoroughly ground breaking clubbing experience. Who will this room appeal to? 

Zouk is all about the real clubbing experience where you will see the best acts and dance to the coolest and latest tunes but still remain commercial enough so that everyone can enjoy. This will appeal to the cool savyy clubbers, dance music fans, college students and working executives and also importantly tourists and out-of-towners who have heard of Zouk and want to experience the real thing.


Velvet Underground KL's premier party haunt gets a much needed makeover. While the dimensions remain the same, the entire venue will be completely transformed to reveal a completely "new" club. Lush, plush and sensual materials are the order of the day. Definitely one for the more sophisticated clubber. What is the main idea/concept behind this room?
This club will be situated where the current version of Velvet is. A club for the more discerning and mature clubber. The emphasis is on comfort and quality of service while clubbing. 

How was the name derived and what is the significance? 

Velvet Underground is now synonymous with a higher standard of clubbing. Similar to the Velvet in Singapore this is the playground for the elite. This includes the royalty, directors and bosses of major companies plus people in the media spotlight including actors, singers and models. How does the decor/ID reflect the spirit of the room? 

The layout for Velvet Underground will remain untouched but there will be significant changes in the general décor, furniture and lfeel of the venue. The emphasis will be in the comfort and plush level of services for the customers. 

What should I be wearing, so I can look my best? 
Our customers have worked hard to be where they are so they will want to look their best. From the latest designer fashions to smart but casual classics will all look right at home here. 
Who will this room appeal to?

Velvet Underground will appeal to a more mature audience that love going out but still want a higher level of comfort and a more consistent music policy. Will appeal to the socialites, bosses, celebs and generally the crème of the KL nightlife.


Address :  113 Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia  50450

Telephone :  00 60 (0)3 2171 1997