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The Whisky Bar

"Water of Life”, "Brown Gold”, "Sunshine held together by water”. Whatever you name it: if you are craving for the golden spirit make your way to our Whisky Bar on Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Our current selection includes over 275 labels from around the world. We stock the rarest single malt & scotch as well as Irish whiskey, Japanese Whisky and American bourbon. We welcome the whisky connoisseur to indulge with his/ her favorite and encourage the curious to explore our range with selected whisky flights.


It’s not about getting tipsy, even though you will have ample opportunities to sip quite a bit. The Whisky Flight allows you to educate yourself on the most prominent tasting notes deriving from region, ingredients and distillation methods used.

Each of our Whisky Combos features 4 to 7 specially selected single malts or blends, measured with half an ounce for each label.


The machine creates a ball of ice precisely sized to fit into an average tumbler. The spherical nature slows the melting process making it less susceptible to hand warmth, preserving the liquor while keeping it refreshingly cool.

In addition to being practical, the machine is noteworthy as an artifact unto itself. Inspired by Japanese bartenders who hand carve their ice balls, the machine uses two heavy copper plates while gravity slowly presses blocks of ice into perfectly spherical shapes. Watching it at work is almost as enjoyable as drinking the scotch, but not quite.

PAIRING - Chocolate, Oyster and Whisky

Whisky may not be the first thing that springs to mind as a natural companion to food, but in fact the extraordinary variations in flavour and aroma make it an extremely versatile accompaniment. The flavours can work harmoniously; pair a fresh oyster with a mouthful of smoky whisky and the most extraordinary flavour explosion occurs. 

The whisky takes some of the fishiness out of the oyster and the creamy oyster tones down the fieriness of the whisky – a perfect symbiosis. For a sinful indulgement - high quality chocolate and a good quality whisky. Put them together... what's not to love?



Address :  44 & 46 changkat bukit bintang,  Malaysia  50200

Telephone :  00 60 (0)3 2143 2268