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Quattro Club

Club Quattro is located at ground floor of Avenue K along Jalan Ampang. It's also located at one of the best KL hotspot. It's the first club which carries the name of 4 seasons where you can chill, dine, party and unwind at Summer Restaurant, Spring Lounge, Autumn Club and Winter Bar. 

is the time of renaissance when snow melts, rivers flow and the rain meets the earth and gives birth to new beginnings; the Spring Lounge invites you to celebrate life. The Russell Quartet will set the stage with song, attitude delivered soulful funk renditions of good music from all eras. Russell Curtis comes from a family of musicians and most notable is his uncle, Paul Ponnudorai, rated third best guitarist in the world by Guitar Player Magazine. Continuing the family legacy, Russell has appeared in numerous TV performances and entertained in various concerts including The Karyawan Music Festival. 

marks the warmest of the year with the longest of days. Kuala Lumpur is just that all year around and some days can be made longer than others. Stretch and while away your time as you dine al fresco or under a cool canopy of an art nouveau shaded woods. Serving Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Local, French and Italian cuisine, the Summer Restaurant offers a gastronomical medley to please the palate and nourish hungry souls. 

marking the transition between summer and winter, autumn’s windy brush paint nature’s canvas with beautiful colours of red, orange, and golden brown. Step into the land of the rising sun. Step up to the 50 foot copper bar, where the wall comes alive with autumn leaves dancing in the wind. Step out to the dance floor and bathe in the lights and music of Kuala Lumpur’s first Japanese themed club. Giant Kabuki masks taunt you to dance on. 6 feet tall birdcages that hang on ceilings and tatami mats on walls sing and shout the East as kimono clad women serve you party refreshments. Set in 6,000 square feet, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, this awe inspiring club celebrate ladies nights 2 times a week. Thursday is particularly interesting as the Japanese culture takes centre stage - Tokyo Naito with Roundhead and Double D where the music is crazy with wild mixtures of popular tracks from all genres and even Japanese dance tunes are thrown into the musical melange. Watch out for live DJ and band performances from Japan. Banzai to the dance floor! 

Clean white snow and longer nights beckon patrons to Quattro’s Winter Bar. With temperatures ranging cool from 8 to 12 degrees Celsius, clubbers can now party in style – dressed to the nines in jackets and sleek sexy suits. In a separate windowed room, snow falls every hour on the hour.


The Time Machine:

Dance Music of All Era’s with Dj Soprano on a musical ride that spans 4 decades! (70’s, 80’s,90’s & 00’s). Thursday feature Dj Caldwin with a music RPM that will take you to maximum torque as tech-house house has arirrved. Winter Soltice with Dj Bernie the renowned veteran bringing you the latest dance tunes from across Europe, Us and Asia...from Disco House to Dark Progressive to Tech-House, we are sure your musical styling would be met in Winter Bar. The sharp dressed clubber can slide to the 2000 Heineken bottled bar, watch the snow fall, bask in the glow of the fireplace and be immersed in music.


Address :  Lot G4, G5 & G6, Ground Floor & Lot M8A/M9, Mezzanine Floor, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang,  Malaysia  50450

Telephone :  00 60 (0)3 2166 6650