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Clique Lounge Ba

As with all things created from the seeds of passion, its interior, with an obvious rotunda concept from layout to bar stool, beckons the free spirited and the untamed heart.

The island bar at the entrance makes a thankful reprieve from the sunbacked sidewalks of the city. Come night, it is a haven of sorts. Amble over to dimly lit lounge area and be greeted by plush pillowed seats. The seductive ambiance is amplified by the fabric paneled walls drenched in crimson red. With hour by hour music selection, the drinks never stop till you say so.

While you’re at it, may as well add a touch of Italian delight. Indulge in a selection of irresistible tapas affectionately known as ‘mozziki’, meaning ‘ little bite’. But you will be quick to agree there is nothing little about ’mozziki’ once you sink your teeth in…

Assolutamente fantastic!



Address :  Ground Floor, Piccolo Hotel, 101 Jalan Bukit Bintang,  Malaysia  55100

Telephone :  00 603 2144 3892

Fax : 00 603 2144 5060