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Captain' s Cabin Funtheque

The Funtheque is located In the centre of Golden Triangle District Of Kuala Lumpur And Within Walking Distance Of The Main Shopping And Entertainment Areas such as Kuala Lumpur Plaza, Lot 10, Sungai Wang Shopping Centre and Time Square, Offers Guests The Excellent Night Entertainment & Dining which Kuala Lumpur Is Renowned For.

As of the new millennium, the has been referred as a 'Funtheque' - the first in Malaysia, if not the only one-where we bring in stage and live performance's of extreme high quality and totally different from other performing artiste's to this side of the club circuit-local and foreign artiste who were not able to perform at this of the world or in a club atmosphere - example like the Zimbabwean brothers from Zimbabwe, the Macau Fire, Cha Cha Dancer - from Macau, the great magician - Vincent from Malaysia and the hot and sizzling Sexy Diva's.

The music concept is designed in such a way that - each passing hour or time is dedicated to different generation of people and time - using mostly vinyl material (records) of yesteryears classics-some of the records are musically antique plus collection item's-the disc jockey's are of high caliber in sense of music and club operation, hand picked because of their popularity and experience - we have the likes of Malaysia's Best Radio Disc Jockey's, Malaysia Best Urban club DJ 'S plus our own in house trained resident Funtheque dj's. When live shows are not the days schedule, the resident band takes center stage where only the best of the lot is able to play on our stage!

The Funtheque is so different by its own means-why because each and every night is a theme night - 7 days in a week with a review of theme nights in every 3 months once-each day is a different mood and tribute to different era the Funtheque theme nights are specially designed by our own team of creators-its like walking through a time capsule-we have had the flower power party, the sarong party, back to 60's and more famous one like-island party, medical party, women power night and men's blues night off plus many more.


The Funtheque holds a variety of game shows and competition of its own kind-wheel of fortune, bingo the ginko game, and the Funtheque cabaret dance competition, the Funtheque disc jockey competition. The Funtheque drag queen competition and the list goes with our daily games schedule. The quality of technical presentation is never compromised in Funtheque concept because only the best brands are used as its frontier in its audio and visual product. The Funtheque is fully reinforced with turbo sound systems and intel abeam scanner lighting, big screen barco projectors and monitor television for clear view's from any angle of the club. The club is also fitted with video publisher system whereby you would be able to view/read the happenings of the club by just watching the TV monitors.

Food comes fresh from the Ship Restaurant, "makers" of the Best Steaks in Town. Any event held in The Funtheque is guaranteed to be smooth-sailing Let it be a dinner or cocktail party, re-union party, wedding reception, birthday party, the press or a large group, theme night or product launches as organiser and venue-holder we have everything; and if we do not, we would probably get it.

Therefore, it is our pleasure in offering our current establishments as venues for a launch/ function / promo night/dinner & dance/class reunion party/birthday party/wedding reception or private functions for your organization, For corporate company, private sectors, individuals, big and small company. Whatever is your budget-we will try our best to make it a dream come true for you !

For the moment, if you are reading this outside the club bulletin board, our advise is-come up /walk up to the club when it opens its door at 7.00pm daily/7 days a week to experience the once in a lifetime the funtheque entertainment we are the temple of entertainment, mother of all clubs, fathers of all music.


Address :  102 & 104, 1st Floor, Jalan Bukit Bintan,  Malaysia  55100

Telephone :  00 603 2144 3892

Fax : 00 603 2144 5060