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Mai Pen Rai Bar & Disco

Welcome to Mai Pen Rai Bar & Disco is located at the heart of Betong Town and Nightlife and where is the one of the most popular in Betong.

Make your Betong nights unforgettable!! You won't be alone at disco where is a entertainment place for spending you time in Betong. Let's Mai Pen Rai Bar & Disco entertain your holiday in Betong.


Other Services:

Spa & Sauna

We offer 2 mineral baths, a hot mineral water bath and a normal water bath. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness. Then yu can take the sauna, sauna heat also gives many benefits


Address :  6 Tomvitee Rd., Betong,  Thailand  95110

Telephone :  0066 - 73 - 230 - 441 - (43)

Fax : 0066 - 73 - 245 - 791