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Betong Hot Spring

Betong Hot spring Be k-natural hot springs that pop up from under the surface of the world. In area with hot springs boil boiled eggs can be cooked to within less than 7 minutes, the villagers in Yala Province. Is believed. Hot spring betong That occurred in Hot Springs Village will crack patch? Tambon Kong crack even Enaa district, Yala province Ebtg a holy pond. That can heal some skin diseases such as pain relief to the tired body.

Betong Hot spring, a place for tourists to have hot showers. Betong Hot spring has developed into a tourist attraction of the province. The Yala provincial budget has been President of Administration of Yala province. Ebtg development in the hot spring is an important tourist attraction of the provinces. Organize and improve the area around the landscape. To be beautiful but still natural. To come for recreation. In addition to health tourism. That is to Ebtg hot spring is known widely Thai tourists and travelers.

Visitors who like to travel to health. The coming attractions. Hot spring betong In addition to the trip. Mineral water hot spring bath that also has a skin disease which also has a tour that cost more.