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Bala-Hala Forest

Balaha Forest iso fertile jungle and there are a lot of things on the ecology moreover, Balahala jungle is the important place that joins the great heredities of the world as well as it is still an origin of important trees, Rivers there are Saiburee River, Pattane River and Ko-Lok River helping people lifes of 3 southern border Bala Jungle has the boundary covering lands of Waeng District and Sudiring District, Narathiwat Province and Hala Jungle has the poundary; ends of Betong District, Yala Province and Janae District,Narathiwat Province

In the present her majesty Queen Sirikit tells to conserve plant and animal breeds under the wild animal and nature conservation project southern royal signature forest garden in the second area to be a place for studying lives in the jungle.