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Baccara Go Go Bar Soi Cowboy

Baccara is a go go bar in a unique and fascinating space in the heart of Soi Cowboy, Bangkok. It is intimate, stylish, eclectic and edgy; and if the interior doesn't take your breath away, the layout of the bar is arguably the best in town, as it utilises two floors dramatically.

The ground floor has a raunchy go go dancing stage where the girls wear regular bikinis, but it is on the second floor, where the girls are dressed up in "schoolgirl" outfits and dance on a transparent floor, that leaves nothing to the imagination. Baccara go go bar is an unusually up-market bar in Soi Cowboy where the girls are risqué and the ambience electric


Soi Cowboy is located about 100 metres north of the intersection between Sukhumvit and Asoke roads. The soi itself is a about 300 metres long and the Baccara Bar can be found at the top of the soi near to Sukhumvit Soi 23. If you are coming by taxi, almost every driver will know where you're headed.


Address :  Soi Cowboy, Bangkok,  Thailand  10110