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Boat Bar

The Boat Bar is one of a handful of bars in Patong that attracts women and men, both gay and straight. Women feel safe there; they know they can come in for a drink or two and have a good time with friends without anyone bothering them. But the bar was originally aimed at the gay community. Bangkok had gay bars as long ago as 40 years, says Khun Daeng. But as recently as 15 years ago there was virtually nothing like that in Patong, he explains. “There was very little choice of night life for gay men in Phuket, so I decided to open a gay-friendly bar here just to have a place to hang out with friends. 

This is where Boat Bar, the gay hotspot in town, opens its doors every night. It offers a wide variety of entertainment to the gay crowd after midnight.

After a hot day on one of Phuket Islands beautiful beaches, the exitement of a long and hot night in Patong is waiting.

Every night twice, 24:00 and 01:30, the dancers leave the stage to make room for one of Patongs best revue shows. If the place was not packed with people before, it is now. Everybody wants to see them, those glamorous girls (?) and boys (?). Its fun, its exciting and its short! Come and see it!



Address :  The Boat Bar 125/20 Rath-U-Thit Road Paradise Complex, Patong, Phuket,  Thailand  83150

Telephone :  +66 (0)76 341-237